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Diversion Diversion (not) blocking local domains

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I have noticed some peculiar behaviour which (due to lack of knowledge probably) I wasn't able to explain.

While trying to find a problem with dnsmasq's DNS query replies for local domain names (separate story), I was using Diversion to follow the dnsmasq.log with filtering to client's IP address just to see what is going on and trying to pinpoint the issue.

  • While using nslookup / dig on that local client (Ubuntu), I was getting standard expected responses from the router's dnsmasq.
  • When I tail-ed dnsmasq.log on the router I was getting standard query / config / reply log entries with no obvious errors (some NXDOMAINs, separate story again)
  • The Diversion's follow dnsmasq.log option however was giving me blocked by wc-blacklist [local domain] messages for all local domain requests.
  • uiDivStats in GUI in the Query log is showing all A type requests as Allowed and all AAAA type requests as Blocked (wildcard blacklist) for local domains that have both IPv4 and IPv6 entries in the /jffs/configs/dnsmasq.conf.add and both A and AAAA type requests as Allowed for local domains that have only IPv4 entry there.
  • If I try to edit wc_blacklist it is saying it has 0 entries.
  • Needless to say the requests are allowed and clients able to connect, it's the Diversion's logging that's strange.


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It will print that output if the line contains “ config ” in the output.

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