Diversion Diversion problems on IOS clients

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noah way

Occasional Visitor
Running Diversion on Merlin 384.19 / RT-AC68U with CloudFlare DNS (WAN).

Blocking works flawlessly on PC but on IOS devices some sites are slow to load and the loading bar never stops. Some sites will not load at all despite being allowed in the block list.

Disabling Diversion fixes the problem. I've tried different WAN DNS servers, accessing via a variety of locations through a VPN, and so on.

Ideas appreciated ... thank you.


Very Senior Member
#ThisIsTheWay (if you'll pardon the pun): unbound for DNS. CloudFlare is just as bad as Alphabet/Google for tracking you.


Part of the Furniture
Which Diversion Edition are you running, Lite or Standard?
If Standard, then did you import the pixelserv-tls certificate?

Which blocking file type are you using?

Try this: In the iOS Settings / Wi-Fi tap on the blue "i" for your WLAN and toggle off "Private Adress".

noah way

Occasional Visitor
Diversion 4.1.12 standard. Standard blocking list.

I have purged and regenerated the pixelserv certificate. Is that importing?

Change pixelserv TLS address?

No IOS option for Private Address under WiFi.

Thank you -


Part of the Furniture

noah way

Occasional Visitor
Thank you. Finally figured it out, instructions not perfectly clear - need to install the pixelserv profile then authorize it. Safari opens the profile, Firefox does not.

But now it is up and running smoothly. Thanks again!

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