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diy antenna for home, wireless help a very newbie, just signed up

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ilding a connifer antenna from the old galaxcy ones,want to pick up local signals or hot spots or access points, have a couple linkskys router and cable gateway coming what plug oronnection do i hook the antenna to,rpsma,cable plug coax, or into the plugin jack that says internet,will the external antenna work bothways, collect signals in and send out
Your keyboard is broken. I don't understand what you are trying to say or ask.
building a conifer antenna,,im going through cancer treatments, have hardly no feeling in hands and fingers, thanks for responding so fast
thanks, i have that site and just talked to martin, i was wondering where or what port on back of router to connect the antenna to, i have a cable gateway coming also, im gathering last parts, i have the large antenna already, just modifying the feed horn i guess its called, it was a complete antenna, got it for free, thanks for responding
ok, on the back of the linksys router do i hook up the external ntenna to th rpsna jacks where the rbber dckeys are now, and i have a lynskys cable gateway, on the back their is a male connector,cctv or coaxe and it says internet, should the external antenna get hooked to that, guess i coulgd try to call linkskys support

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