DNS does not appear to work on Open VPN Servers of AX88U at firmware version 386.8


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I recently upgraded my router from an AC3100 to an AX88U. I manually configured my Open VPN Server settings on the AX88U as I had been using the AC3100. I exported the client files and copied them to a client and am able to connect to the Open VPN Server, but my client devices are unable to reach any of my local servers using the server's name. When I do an NSLOOKUP the router returns the name. When I connect through Open VPN, the NSLOOKUP fails.

The AC3100 was at firmware 386.7_2 and Open VPN was working using server names.
The AX88U is at firmware 386.8 and Open VPN does not work using the server names.

Was there a significant change made to Open VPN between these two versions of firmware or is there a parameter setting that I missed? Has anyone else had this issue?

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