DNS for LAN on Voxel R7800


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I've just upgraded the stock firmware to Voxel's The transfer rates to the OpenVPN server on the router have gone up from 20 to 50 Mpbs, so that's a great improvement!

I am wondering what the right way of setting up the OpenVPN server is so that I can address machines on the LAN using the hostname. They are currently all reachable using the IP address (including Windows file shares), but hostnames do not resolve (I need them for https access to LAN resources, but also for convenience).

Or is it that I need a local DNS? In which case is there some setting (or e.g. Entware package) I could install on the router to work as a DNS for local machines and which would be accessible over the VPN or something like that? Id's rather not hardwire this into the hosts file on every machine so that I don't have to rijig this in many places every time I make a change.

Not sure what the proper approach is.


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