DNS Leak Still Not Understanding in regards to Skynet and DNS

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Dee dee

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Hi All,

I've read articles including X3m's article per DNS Leak and setting Exclusive and or Disabled in the Openvpn Client Section to work with Diversion.

My question is does the same apply with skynet/and or Diversion?

Client:Openvpn1 (Nordvpn/Canada UDP )
My Accept DNS is set to Disabled
Force Internet traffic through tunnel :policy Rules (Strict)
My computer's IP is in the list for VPN.

I add certain sites to Skynet/(With Diversion temporary disabled) they don't work off of OpenVpn1, but on Openvpn1 they work.

I also added cloudflare's and DNS as my wan dns and they show up correctly on ipleak when Accept DNS is set to Disabled( so not using my provider's DNS).

Ideal Situation (Not able to do, I believe/This is what I would like to accomplish):

Openvpn1 Device Connected (Nordvpn/Canada UDP )
DNS Server(s) used from Canada UDP (unable to get this working)
Use DnsMasq to use Diversion/Skynet blocks where applicable.

Thanks for reading and any help that can be ascertained.


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