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DNS over TLS vs Trend Micro AI Protection Pro

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If DNS over TLS Strict is enabled, I presume that all URLs are encrypted and sent to the DNS servers over TLS for name server resolution. e.g. I have done this and used OpenDNS Family Shield servers.

In this case, how will AI Protection Pro function as Trend Micro will not have uncrypted URL to check against its database.

Even without using DNS over TLS, if I use normal OpenDNS in a normal way as my DNS Servers, what protection is used first, OpenDNS or AI Protection Pro (Trend Micro)?
In other words, AiProtection still sees the URL, that's the connection between your router and the DNS server that is encrypted when using DoT. AiProtection does not work as an alternative DNS server, it works after the DNS resolution has been completed, so OpenDNS is used first.
AiProtect is watching all the packets going out or in. Not just DNS.

If it was watching all the packets in and out your router had to have Intel i3-class 6th gen CPU or faster inside to deal with Gigabit speeds.

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