DNS Settings in router

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Sorry if this has been answered already, but I couldn't find it searching....

I have a simple home setup: ASUS RT-AC66U_B1 (connected to a DSL modem) with a LAN IP of My question is about DNS IP settings. On the WAN side, I point to Open DNS ( & What should I use on the LAN side in the DHCP settings? Do I just use, so all computers just talk to the router for DNS, which will resolve local names and ask Open DNS for non-local names? Or do I use an external DNS (such as and assume the router will resolve local names that Open DNS doesn't resolve, since the router should know them via DHCP?

Hope this question makes sense, but I don't know how name resolution happens in detail....



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Don’t put external DNS servers in the LAN DHCP fields, because then the router won’t get requests for the local names. Let the router be the only internal DNS server IP (leave both fields blank).

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