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DNSCrypt-proxy on Voxel R7800 and pihole on network

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Hi I currently have a separate pihole also running DNScrypt-proxy working as the DHCP server and DNS, while the neowork is routed by a Voxel-firmwared R7800.

I would like to move the DNScrypt-proxy to the router if possible, using Voxel's implementation, while keeping the pihole as the DNS and DHCP server. Is something like this possible?

My idea would be that the router would point the clients to the pihole as the DNS, while the pi-hole would point its DNS back to dnscrypt running on the router. Then, ideally, the router would also have its own dnscrypt as a secondary DNS in case the pihole goes down.

Is something like this possible to set up?
If you're running a pi-hole, I suggest ditching DNSCryprt on the Pi-hole altogether. You should install Unbound on the Pi-hole and use that as the DNS source for the pi-hole.

If you like, use DNSCrypt on the router for an unfiltered DNS option on your network. It could also be used as a backup.

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