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Hello and just learning about dnsmasq.

I've modified /etc/host files in various Linux distros for years, but never implemented dnsmasq capabilities.

I have followed the instructions found in the article "Custom domains with dnsmasq," and added "address=..." configs to various local domain IPs, but am not directed to the target IPs when trying the domains.

At this point, I'm assuming dnsmasq and associated config is similar to adding the host configs at each host /etc/host file, but with dnsmasq centralized. Is this a correct way to think about dnsmasq?


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The definitive explanation of all things dnsmasq:

With the "address=" option you are defining domains whereas the traditional hosts file deals with host names.

After you have made your custom changes to dnsmasq and restarted the service (or rebooted) check they have been applied successfully by looking at /etc/dnsmasq.conf.


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Remember, this assumes your clients are actually using DNSMasq! These days, that's not such a sure thing anymore. Many browsers now implement their own DNS queries using DoH/DoT, and by default, thereby bypassing DNSMasq!

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