Do I need a USB Drive/Swap for my use case?


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Before I continue, I know my RAM utilization being 95% is cache for the USB. I have a separate Dell R720 server for VMs (secondary pi-hole/docker web apps, any future services would go here), my old gaming pc as a True-NAS system and a few pis. Just mentioning so people know I can offload any service, if need be.

Currently, I still have a USB in but all I run is in the screenshot below


I had one USB drive die on me and cause a lot of network issues, so i threw a new one in. i run 2 piholes for DNS, but want to utilize the routers Skynet for region blocking and DHCP for its pretty great implimentation.

Basically, I am well out of practice, feeling very stupid today and just looking for someone smarter than me to give me suggestions on optimizing my router. I am all ears.

The only thing worth mentioning is i have a RT-AC68U as a wired Mesh node for better coverage in my backyard.


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I believe Skynet, Scribe, nsrum, Diversion (uiDivStats) and Entware all require a USB drive. No idea about the others.


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Welcome to the forums @applysci.

Skynet? Yes, you do.

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