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Do I need to keep my pseudo-bridged Technicolor XB7 (2nd Gen) away from my RT-AX88U?

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Question: Do I need to keep my pseudo-bridged Technicolor XB7 (2nd Gen) gateway (modem/router) away from my RT-AX88U? The answer's "yes" isn't it?

In @OzarkEdge 's excellent post on his AIMesh setup, @OzarkEdge reinforces the need to keep other WiFi (and other interfering) devices away from our routers.

I had used a bridged Hitron gateway (modem/router combo) for some years now along with an RT-AC68U router, and an ancient RT-N66U (VPN client), all in the basement. (yes, I know).

Now to get better upload speeds (I moved from 300/16 to 500/100) I had to accept what I believe is a Shaw-rebranded Comcast Technicolor XB7 (2nd Gen) gateway (modem/router). I do not have the option of buying my own modem.

I had planned to move the bridged XB7 (no WiFi activity - just acting as a modem) and my new RT-AX88U to a more central location, an open shelf on the main floor, near each other (within 3 ft) and keep the RT-AC68U in the basement, possibly meshing them together. That was assuming that bridging would disable all WiFi activity on the XB7.

Then I discovered that I could not fully bridge the XB7, that there were 5 (that I found, some report 6) of its (hidden) SSIDs (supposedly to control wireless TV boxes which I do not have) still active. So far, all efforts to disable them have failed. Some people have suggested
  • putting a Faraday cage around the XB7 (screen? holes need to be smaller than about 3mm) but then heat build up may be a problem even with holes. Someone else suggested an unused microwave oven (heat again) might work as a Faraday cage.
  • opening the XB7 and disconnecting the antennas
Neither option appeals to me, for reason which I suspect are self-evident.

I have also "heard" that if the active SSIDs are not generating a lot of traffic, then they aren't much of a problem. I'd like that to be true but I don't believe it.

I am still waiting to hear back from Shaw about whether or not they can do some hard bridging from their end or provide just a modem but I don't really expect any help there.

So, as far as I can tell, I will have to leave the XB7 in the basement, far away from my routers and especially away from my RT-AX88U on the main floor.
And yes, now that I've gotten this far in the post I suppose it is a no-brainer and I shouldn't be bothering to ask. But, maybe someone has something creative to share? Maybe, how far away is far enough? Does the inverse square law help here at all?

I can wire that all in, coax, then Cat 5e/6 all the way. That's not the problem. This just isn't going to be the way I had planned to place my components.
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In short, it would be prudent to minimize any WiFi interference/EMI... remove it or change it to not interfere.


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