Do Insight devices support web brower management?

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The Insight range is interesting. I'm looking at the GC728X model:

But their information on the Insight plans is utterly confusing:

I get the cloud management aspect, and sort of understand that with the Basic plan you only get the app and 2 devices for free, not the cloud portal. But what I don't understand is whether there is even any kind of non-cloud on-device web management interface at all, or what it might look like... Can you manage these switches with a "normal" web management interface? Will you always be reliant on their cloud service?


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NETGEAR has steadily moved the Insight line to be cloud managed. I'm moving your post to the NETGEAR forum so NETGEAR Guy can answer.


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So I found some information that said you can fully administer them with a local web interface. But you have to choose either cloud management or local web administration.
Still feel there is missing information like how much is the insight cloud platform going to cost.
Also it would be nice to see screenshots of the local web interface and its capabilities, or better an online emulator.


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The Insight story so far....

Free – Insight Mobile App management for 2 devices

Insight Basic – Insight Mobile App management chargeable for the third device and above.

Insight Premium – Insight Web Portal (app included with portal) – Chargeable for all devices.

All Insight products do have local web GUI management and you do not have to use them in the cloud, you can use them as standalone products (it’s either or). If using them without the cloud there is no subscription charge.


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Thanks @NETGEAR Guy

A few thoughts - having never used an Insight device, but reading some responses from those who have...

1. Would be really good for prospective purchasers to be able to access a "demo" account on the Insight cloud portal to evaluate what its capabilities are. I don't see any way to currently do that until you buy a device and subscription. But this may be information you want to know before deciding to buy the device.

2. On the plans, personally I would prefer not to have to pay an annual subscription, even if it meant a slightly higher initial price. Not everyone is the same I guess.

3. While there is local WebGUI management, the either/or situation is not ideal, though I understand it would be difficult to combine. However I also understand that if you want to switch between cloud/WebGUI, the device gets completely reset. It would also be good to have a demo/emulator of the WebGUI.

4. If your internet connection goes down and it is using Insight management, is there any way to access the switch from the local network?

5. I guess it might be hard, but it would certainly give extra value to the Insight subscription if some more limited level of inspection could be had with existing non-Insight devices such as my GS110TP.
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Update from the product team...

1. On the either/or for local vs cloud: All other competitor’s cloud devices (our own APs using Business Central and Insight included as well) simply restrict you to the limited capabilities of the Cloud (OR for our APs, we force you to use only one or the other and when you switch modes the device is factory reset).

However, with our Insight Switches rather than restrict the capabilities to little more than a Plus switch, we chose to make the complete set of advanced management capabilities accessible to the user thru the local GUI in IN ADDITION to the cloud features (which will increase over time as well as we port features to the cloud as possible).

2. So, for Insight Switches, we actually do NOT erase all of the settings when you switch from Cloud to Local mode and back from the Switch interface; the only time the settings are erased is if:
a. You force a factory default of the product from the local web GUI, OR
b.If you REMOVE the device from your Insight Network in the app or Cloud Portal, then re-add it.

3. Going through the local switch web GUI and changing management modes does NOT reset the settings. So, you can configure SETTING NOT AVAILABLE from the app or Cloud Portal in the local web GUI, then go back to Cloud Mode. Insight cloud will only push down parameters it controls; all others set in the switch will remain as configured when in local mode.
4. However, if you change parameters in local mode that ARE controlled by Insight, those settings WILL get overwritten by the Cloud when you switch back to Cloud Mode.

We give a list of these in the warning dialogue that pops up when you click Local Mode in the web GUI

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NETGEAR has steadily moved the Insight line to be cloud managed. I'm moving your post to the NETGEAR forum so NETGEAR Guy can answer.

i notice that insight has a subscription service for either monthly or yearly. how about users who don't opt for this subscription plan? are they still able to access the web UI for managing the switch?

i'm new to this insight thing :/ but i heard that unifi which also uses cloud portal management does not have such a subscription requirement, is that true?
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