DOCSIS vs Ethernet

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Hey everyone

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I have a question regarding this setting in my WAN network on my XB6 Gateway (Rogers Canada).

I have two options for WAN Network, DOCSIS and Ethernet. What's the difference, and how would I go about knowing which one is best for me? Keep in mind the XB6 is NOT in Bridge mode. If I switch to the Ethernet setting, does it disable WiFi?

This is all new to me, so excuse my lack of knowledge here. I'm just curious as to what the difference is.


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The image can't be seen for some reason. The following is displayed: "Oops! We ran into some problems."

The DOCSIS path to the CMTS and beyond should probably be the default setting. That DOCSIS path is thru the connected RG6 cable. As for the Ethernet path, that's a good question. I don't know why that choice would be presented unless the modem was capable of using an ethernet path outbound instead of the DOCSIS path thru the RG6 cable. That would imply having another modem sitting ahead of the XB6 with an ethernet cable running between the two. That also implies that the XB6 would act as a router instead of a modem. I can't imagine that configuration with two modems would ever be used, but, hey, who knows. Don't know why Comcast would include that configuration in the modems settings.

Perhaps a Comcast XB6 user can chime in here with an explanation.

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