Does anyone have a "Authentication Failed" message appear in their OpenVPN page?

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I'm using ump.ovpn profile and I randomly get a "Authentication Failed", and I'm certain I didn't reach their 6 simultaneous connections limit.
I asked the guy about the problem, he said "the router sends numerous requests and doesn't clean-up disconnections".

Does anyone have this problem and how to fix it?

My ac-86u is on 3.86.1(factory reset))

Thank you.


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FWIW, I have seen VPN providers use this method to kick users off the server. Perhaps because it's overloaded. Very annoying. It's why I always recommend that you specify at least three (3) servers in your configuration, just in case one or more becomes unavailable. VPN servers are not like your ISP. Your ISP has to work or you're dead in the water. But many VPN providers have no qualms about kicking users off. And when they do, your best protection is having alternative servers.

Of course, it could a completey different issue, but regardless, it's still good advice.

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