Does asuswrt have any events for L2TP?

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Hi there
I already have my own build script running on asuswrt perfectly, thank you for developing such great custom firmware.

However, I don't any event info from the that relates L2TP.

I noticed that asuswrt using a plugin called "" and I've tried "service-event" to check the connect action.
But after router started, it always passing parameters with "restart" and "vpncall" when clicking the button "Activate" or "Deactivate" on page `PPTP/L2TP`.

Despite that, due to my network environment, the l2tp connection will somehow closing down with log like "Too many retransmissions on tunnel; closing down" and it will reconnect later on, but this reconnection would not trigger the "server-event".

Currently I'm using a cron job to check the l2tp connection every minute as my script (selecting routing stuff) has to be executed after L2TP got reconnected.

My question here is, does asuswrt has any event will be triggered when `pppol2tp` establishes connection successfully? Or any better ways to do that?


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