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Skynet Does countryblock stop trendmicro? please advise

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Can someone confirm if country blocking china would stop trendmicro protection working?

I think that's where their servers are based right?

Or am I completely wrong.

I just keep thinking I am borking trend micro protection with a CN block and would like someone above my monkey IQ to confirm.
Their servers use AWS. See how the name ntd-asus-2014b-en.fbs20.trendmicro.com resolves on your router to get the IPs for your region.
By the way, even if the servers were not Amazon, Trend Micro was at one time in Taiwan, not mainland CN. It currently has offices in Tokyo and Austin.
Thanks guys, appreciated. I also have TW blocked, not Austin though.

I checked the ip, going through USA so all good @dave14305

I trust the USA ;o)
Can't we just block "trendmicro.com" and be done? I see those queries too.
I do notice trendmicro barely kicks in with skynet on. I'm guessing skynet is blocking before trendmicro gets chance to.

I had a strange one last night in the battle.net authentication server (in usa) seemed to be blocked after an update by skynet. Fixed it with a whitelist of the "offender" and logged straight in.
^^^ Ah.. my bad. OK I have CN country-blocked in skynet and I still see the trendmicro.com queries whiz by (non-red) when I follow the Diversion color-coded logs.
Apr 23 08:27:25 dnsmasq[2951]: reply settingsfd-geo.trafficmanager.net is
Apr 23 08:27:25 dnsmasq[2951]: validation result is INSECURE
Apr 23 08:27:25 dnsmasq[2951]: reply trendmicro.com.edgesuite.net is <CNAME>
Apr 23 08:27:25 dnsmasq[2951]: query[AAAA] a151.g.akamai.net from 192.168.xxx.yyy
Apr 23 08:27:25 dnsmasq[2951]: forwarded a151.g.akamai.net to
Apr 23 08:27:25 dnsmasq[2951]: validation result is INSECURE
Apr 23 08:27:25 dnsmasq[2951]: query[A] rgom10-en.url.trendmicro.com from 192.168.xxx.yyy
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