Does Guest networks increase total transmit power?

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Without wanting to start again on the harmfulness of WIFI waves, do you know if activating a Guest network permanently increases the power of the waves? I have an RT-AC86U set up in SmartConnect so there are 2 SSIDs but two frequencies for each SSID. The router can activate up to 4 networks (3 guests) simultaneously.

Thank you


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Emitted power will not increase. It will send an additional beacon every 100ms (default setting), but as one radio can send only one frame at a moment, that beacon will be send when nothing else is send over radio, so it doesn't add up.


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Thanks a lot for your answers.

If I understood correctly, the signal strength is, on the other side, also not weaker if several networks are running at the same time? (and thus having only one network (2.4/5) will not improve the signal)

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