pixelserv Does "How to best run Pixelserv tls on asuswrt" still apply?


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I'm running the latest Diversion v4 Standard and pixelserv. It's blocking ads on my RT-AX86U.

I noticed a link at the bottom of this pixelserv page - note last updated several years ago):

In that page, there was a link to "How to best run Pixelserv tls on Asus wrt Merlin" so I clicked it.

They suggest creating a virtual interface via the router's cli by adding a wan-start file in /jffs/scripts/
ifconfig br0:pixelserv up
logger -t $(basename $0) "br0:pixelserv created."
I've been reading this forum for answers and noticed wan-start is deprecated and replaced by wan-event.

They also mention pixelserv needs to be set to listen to its own ip address in /opt/etc/init.d/580pixelserv-tls.
The site also recommends adding PRECMD="ulimit -s 64"in /opt/etc/init.d/580pixelserv-tls to increase performance and run on tighter memory resources.

My questions are:
Do I need to bother with setting up Pixelserv TLS? I'm just using this on my router to block ads; nothing too fancy.

Do I still need to create a virtual interface for pixelserv?
(If so, do I simply create a wan-event file in /jffs/scripts/ whereas it would have been named wan-start in the past? There is currently no wan-* in my scrips folder)

Do I need to direct pixelserv to its own IP address or is this done in the install script now?
(I think I see $psIP variable that may handle this in /opt/etc/init.d/580pixelserv-tls)

Do I need to add "ulimit -s 64" to the PRECMD in /opt/etc/init.d/580pixelserv-tls?
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Diversion does all that for you automatically.
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All those old good times. I did see a sign of life from @kvic in July in another place.

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