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Does the Linksys SRW2024 still have legs?

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  1. I picked one up at a yard sale a while back and it's been sitting on a shelf. Thought perhaps I should dust it off and see what it can do in my house. Currently I just have a bunch of 8-port gigabit unmanaged switches where I need them but it would be nice to centralize with this + patch panel. Is there anything "too outdated" about it or should it function just fine? Thought I'd ask before potentially wasting time on it.
  2. I did just pick up a 2.5G adaptor for my primary unraid server, so that will obviously have to go direct to my router (AX86U). I'm guessing you can only set up one link aggregation (say ports 1&2?) which would go to this switch. Is it possible to set up a 2nd link aggregation, (ports 3 & 4) to say, a second server?


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it's pretty old - it went end of life/end of support back in 2011...


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it's pretty old - it went end of life/end of support back in 2011...
Sure, but with the exception of the server upgrade I'm about to do, my house is still 1 gigabit so if it can serve that function... it seems to support link aggregation. I get that there's no support but IF it works like it's supposed to... I don't see the downside? I thought about security but it's behind my router so I'd like to think that's less of a concern. Just not sure if there's anything else I'm not thinking about.

Any other things to consider other than no more support? Just take the "if it works, it works" approach?

I guess the reality is, the 8-port unmanaged switches I've been using are likely older than it.

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