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Double Hop Over LACP-Enabled Switches?

Discussion in 'Switches, NICs and cabling' started by reb00tz, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. reb00tz

    reb00tz New Around Here

    Jan 31, 2013
    Hi all,

    Long time lurker, first time poster...

    Just wondering if anyone has experience if 802.3ad/802.1ax/LACP/LAG (or one of the gazillion names) will work if it goes through a double hop involving two switches that are LACP enabled (i.e. the trunks are set up switch-to-switch).

    In (horrible) ASCII art:

    Laptop 1
              Switch 1 === (LACP trunk) === Switch 2 === NAS (also trunked)
    Laptop 2
  2. bendsley

    bendsley Occasional Visitor

    Nov 9, 2009
    LACP just aggregates the information going through the bonded ports...so any traffic going through from SWITCH 1 to SWITCH 2 will pass through to the NAS just fine...all bonded through LACP.

    As long as SWITCH 1 and SWITCH 2 and NAS are all LACP, everything will work fine. If you only have SWITCH 1 and SWITCH 2 set to LACP, then obviously you will only get the bonded benefit between those two devices.

    Remember though, you won't really see any benefit from your laptops as they are not LACP enabled. You are not going to be able to send a file any faster over the 1 gig link than you would over a 2 gig bonded link since you will be limited by your slowest connection.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2013
  3. networkguy1

    networkguy1 New Around Here

    Mar 14, 2013
    Should not be a problem.. I have done this in Cisco lab environments many times. You can probably get the same setup on other managed siwtches.

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