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I have latest version 386.1_2 installed on my AC88U Router.

Every time i try to install Download Master, i receive message "The remote server is not responding."

This is Asus servers problem, or is a bug?

Appreciate any help!


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Did not worked for me
Similar to the replies in the other threads you posted this 8n:
Router model?
Router firmware version?
Download master version? (Assuming it has one, I'd never use it personally)
Usb device you are trying to use? (Generic USB stick, HDD, SSD, etc)
Usb device format?
What/how did you format the use device (amtm, PC, etc)

Providing detailed information goes a long way to help you get answers :))


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Model AC86, Firmware: many (recent original and merlin), Download Master:, Format NTFS
It worked before I plugged HDD from other router.


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Ok I was lucky to find asusware files with old download manager from old hdd and it seems to work after coping it to new HDD. For others with the same problem:
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