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New Around Here
Hi all,

Asus Router RT-AX82U running on 388.1-gnuton1; not sure what is going on, noticed recently that the download speed has reduced dramatically. Already rebooted the device including the UK YouFibre modem (confirmed no issues), and re-flashed the router several time but does not appear to resolve the download speed, upload speed appears to be fine!

Anyone advise if there is a fix or is the router goosed?

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 18.01.46.png


Part of the Furniture
Try plugging directly into the modem and see what you get. May not be the router.


New Around Here
I tried another Asus router (RT-AC86U) and it delivered the same low download speed result as the RT-AX82U.

This lead me to re-connect the Eero router issued by the ISP and it was back to 1Gbs download & upload speed...then re-connected the Asus and voila it is back to the fast download & upload speed!

No idea what happened, guessing a glitch, or an error in my part!

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