Draytek 2925N Dual WAN conflict

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I have EE's DSL router [smart hub firmware] which I want to plug into my Draytek 2925N dual wan cable router. WAN1 has an existing working internet connection.

I assume the Draytek WAN option I should use is "Static or Dynamic IP" and it asks for the following:


I have turned off DHCP on the EE Smart Hub. I have no port forwarding rules on it. Connected LAN1 of the EE Smart Hub to WAN2 of the Draytek.
I manually entered under "Specify an IP Address" above from the EE's broadband advanced settings:

Draytek "IP Address" = EE "Broadband IP Address"
Draytek "Subnet Mask" = [equal to EE's router]
Draytek "Gateway IP Address" = EE "Default gateway"
Cloned the MAC address and put WAN to always on.

Draytek recognises the WAN2 connection, but my PC says no internet. Internet is now not working for some web addresses eg amazon.com but however is for other pages and does follow the links on the pages that do work. If I open a cmd line window and ping google.com it does resolve to an IP address but has "request timed out". Ookla speedtest webpage loads after a long while but does not work thereafter. Looks like some conflict?

As soon as I unplug the EE router from WAN2 all is fine.
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