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Dropbear: Public/Private key pair + passphrase doesn't work?

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Question: does dropbear accept ssh key pairs with a passphrase? I've copied a public key into the ssh settings (which I normally use, I just generated a new one), but noticed that once I used a passphrase it kept refusing to connect. The keypair was generated with Puttygen and converted to openssh format, to be used with Xshell 5. I tried Xshell, Putty, Xftp, WinSCP but nothing allowed me to connect with a key and a passphrase. When I entered a different public key without a passphrase, it connects immediately. Is anyone succesfully using both?
The password is only on your local key, not on the public key you put on the router. Password-protected private keys are fine, I use one myself.

Don't forget to specify the user when connecting.
Okay, thanks Eric . Good to know it should work, then I must have made a mistake while copy pasting probably.
I also use a passphrase on all devices - have done so for several years, so it must be a simple error.

If you discover the error let us know.
Ehm, I think I was the error. Can't reproduce what went wrong yesterday. Generated a new key pair, secured the private key with a passphrase , copied the new public key to the WebUI and everything works as it's supposed to. Thanks for helping me out though.

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