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ds-509 or N7700 (costs less then 509 now)

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ts-509 pro or N7700 (costs less then 509 now)

I am torn between these two... I know everything there is to know about them yet I cannot decide. Well, ok, not everything.. :)

My main reason to get a NAS is their capability to stream to PS3 and being to able to perform as a file storage and iSCSI on a gigabit network... Both of these devices excel in these areas and their performance is excellent.

What I like about the DS-509 is that it literally faster in almost every category except iSCSI but not much, and I can upgrade its CPU and RAM!!

What I like about the N7700 is that i can I have 7!! drives and its cheaper then DS-509. Yes, it is cheaper now since the N7700SAS came out.

Other than those I dont see differences between them now that n7700 UI is AJAX as well...

What do you guys recommend? Or if anyone had the same dilemma and decided one over the other one and why?
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