DSL-AC68U accessing java server via server.asuscomm.com:55xxx using letsencrypt cert.


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New to router setup!

I have a server written in Java running on a raspberry pi.

I want to access this server using so I can supply data to a FLUTTER app. Flutter does not allow access to insecure sites.

After my first attempt with firefox I get the message Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG.
on accessing http://servername.asuscomm.com:8443/ I get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED any ideas??

I seem to have locked myself out of both http: and https:
So factory reset and round again. What would have caused this?

Should I be able to access https://servername.asuscomm.com:[email protected]

Same documents say Please make sure your router can issue domain validation and certificate renewal via 80 port from the Internet. but give no indication of how?

All help gratefully received!


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You have to setup a Port Forward on the WAN - Virtual Server / Port Forwarding page. Otherwise the firewall will block the incoming traffic.


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This is usually a TLS config item on the server side - could be a mismatch on the level indicated.

The connection refused is because the TLS handshake failed.

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