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DSL-AC68U as an Access Point?

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New Around Here

I saw this request somewhere - but now can't find where.

I am trying to repurpose my old DSL-AC68U router as just an access point - but in this model it is not an option.
I have tried setting a new IP address and also setting this as a predefined address on the new router - and then turning off the DHCP on the 68U.
This works - but the wireless clients can access OK - but there is no internet access for them.
I then tried setting the access as Ethernet LAN and choosing a port ... but this doesn't seem to work - and I actually lose access to the UI .... so need to do a factory reset

In the previous thread someone suggested running GNUton's fork - so this is what I have now loaded - however this version (386.5) doesn't seem to offer an AP mode either.
Try in router mode with LAN IP in main router's DHCP range, DNS set to main router's LAN IP, NAT and DHCP disabled.
You may see ntp issues in this configuration, but test and see if it works. I never had DSL-AC68U router in my hands.
I did notice something a bit strange - when the DSL-AC68U was rebooting - it seemed to have halted the internet access from the main router (an Asus RT-AX59U) for all connected devices
.... when the AC68U came fully back - so did the rest of the network

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