DSL-AC68U f/w download problem

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Hi All

Long time reader first time poster.

I tried a couple of times to upgrade my new DSL-AC68U to f/w v3. from v3. in the WRT GUI and it appears to start the firmware download but this never completes...I've even left it overnight to no avail. Anyone else had the same problem?

I may be lucky its not working though as I've just read that 38832 appears to have borked the Parental Controls > Time Scheduling which I rely on heavily as a parenting tool! Is the general consensus that I should therefore skip 38832?

Thanks in advance for any advice proffered.
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Now when I run the Administration - Firmware Upgrade Check the new v3. firmware is not identified although this is still downloadble from the ASUS website.

02/08 @ 14:00 - Tried again and I'm back to the position in my first post the Downloading Firmware... message appears but the download doesn't complete and the install start automatically.
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