DSL AC68U No Power After an Update

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New Around Here
Hello SNB World. I was a frequent visitor of this forum before. Now, I have a solid reason to be a part of this forum because I desperately need help from you.

I purchased a DSL AC68U today. I did everything about the installation and all was fine. There was a notification about a software update in the interface. So I started it, and continued to what I was doing offline. After 45 minutes, I realised that I haven't got any internet acces, and my enthernet connection was gone like it is not plugged. I checked the lights on the modem and that was the schoking moment, DSL was the only light ON, the rest -including power- were off. I tried everything. WPS reset, Reset button, not changes. It's just like the power cord is unplugged or fails but that theory falls with the fact that DSL light is on. I can't put the router in recovery mode. I searched a lot about it but no solutions so far in the internet.

Please help.


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Return it. :)

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