DSL-AC68U - Turn off unnecessary messages in System Log


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Some time ago Asus introduced some extra messaging in the system log when devices connected/disconnected etc. These are Disassoc/Assoc/Reassoc, Auth/Deauth_ind and maybe a few more.

These messages , which for me are not required , fill the log & hide serious messages.

Is there anyway to turn them off?


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You can change the log level in SSH or in GUI, if you install the available Asuswrt-Merlin fork.


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I have my default logging level set at "Notice", and log only messages more urgent than "Info" and I also still have my log fill up with "Disassoc/Assoc/Reassoc, Auth/Deauth_ind" messages. What should I change it to to eliminate these, but still receive true "error" condition messages?


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The hostapd (Disassoc/Assoc/Reassoc, Auth/Deauth_ind) messages are hard-set at the notice level.

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