DSL-AX82U - PPPoA not working


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Using any of the official AsusWRT firmwares, including the latest it is not possible to connect to the internet if you are using ADSL and PPPoA with the DSL-AX82U.

If anyone from Asus is reading this, there is a patch here which has been applied to gnuton's DSL fork of AsusWRT-Merlin which fixes the problem - I've also tested it on the against the source code of FW version and it works. It would be nice to get this fixed in the official firmware!



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Just a dumb question: by PPPoA you mean PPP over ATM?
I almost forgot that A meant. It's been a technology dead for 15 (?) years now.

And if your answer is yes, can you share carrier's name? I'm curios who would be using ATM those days.


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It is PPP over ATM. I'm on an old ADSL2 circuit at the moment, and my carrier (Manx Telecom) still use PPPoA for those, but PPPoE for VDSL and newer. I think British Telecom do something similar too.

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