DSM 7 Final Released

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Clark Griswald

Senior Member
There are more active Synology forums, which provide significantly more feedback synoforum is a good source of user information.
Since the migration to Photos doesn't seem "fluid" in it's current state, I am waiting to upgrade to DSM 7, since we are utilizing our NAS to upload all ios devices and as Cloud service. Any change would bring chaos and despair (to me), if a teenager or The Wife lost any of their precious photos/vids.


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DSM 7is not yet available for my NAS (1621xs+). I am hoping it will be mature when it becomes available.


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Fine here but if you have Emby, you need to download the Emby for DSM 7 version and there is a specific article to follow on emby.tv forums under Synology. There are some permissions and deletions to do.
Been running DSM since General release. No issues. I don't use the audio station, photos though...

Clark Griswald

Senior Member
The Griswald's upgraded to DSM 7, and all is well!

Our setup:
4-10TB WD Reds
2- 500GB Samsung 970
2- 4MB Synology RAM
After doing a complete backup, I reset my DS918+, and did a clean install of DSM 7. Currently 11 days uptime.
My experience has been good, and the only issue was the length of time to wipe/initialize my HDDs.
The new GUI is responsive and the NAS appears to use system resources more efficiently (as per the graphs).
The Family is iOS dominated, so I didn't want to upgrade, until Photos had begun to work properly with Apple products.
Synology Photos has been a smooth transition from Moments. The Facial Recognition feature is a nice addition, and working well.
We don't use Plex, so I have no comment regarding its functionality with DSM 7.
Since the Final was released, Synology addressed many of the issues within their core apps, and the current DSM release and app updates has our DS918+ working as expected :)

Clark Griswald

Senior Member
I downloaded directly from the Synology Download Center and installed the latest DSM 7.0.1-42218

The NAS installed-rebooted in less than 10 minutes Quick and Easy.

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