dual format 1TB usb drive for Windows backups AND Transmission? (RTAC56)

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I have a 1TB external drive that I'd like to use (temporarily, at least) for both saving my backups and using Transmission. I am running the latest version of ASUS Merlin on an RT-AC56U.

The backups partition should be formatted as NTFS, to the best of my understanding (running Windows 10 x64). But what is the best format for the Transmission/Entware partition?

It's my understanding that NTFS is really unreliable for all things Linux/Ubuntu. It was suggested in one tutorial that I read that ex4 is optimal, but I have some free leech files etc. that are well over what I have seen to be an 8 gb file size limit.

Is there another format that is stable with Entware etc. that will handle larger files? I imagine that other torrenters have the same issue of having large files and not being able to do this.

Alternatively, is all of this about NTFS not being stable something I can safely disregard?

Also--an aside (I can do more research and try to figure this out, and it isn't a networking issue per se, but would save me some time if someone can point me in the right direction). Trying to figure out how to format this drive using two different formats. Is there a free, easy tool that will let me do it? Anything I should be aware of before trying this?

BTW, aware that 1TB is not large enough to handle the issue long term; just until I either get one larger external HD, another HD, or figure out some other solution. Thank you!


ext4 is recommended due it being native filesystem, NTFS is only gonna give you headaches in the long run.

so short answer: no you cant disregard the comments about NTFS

if your planning to get a larger hdd i would recommend investing in a NAS instead of hooking up HDD to your poor router cause that will only make it work so much harder and a AC56U hasnt got that much power to start with

RAM: 256mb
CPU: [email protected] MHz

i know cause i got this model too :) and ive broken mine countless times with too much stuff
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Yes, I agree with swetoast, the only way that I would suggest for you to use NTFS is if you plan to unplug the hard drive from the router a lot so that you can use it on PC's.


@abescalamis i wouldnt recommend it in anycase since NTFS isnt native to linux platform and is easily corrupted on older kernels.

its better to share the hdd via samba instead and move files that way.

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