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dual wan and https problem

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New Around Here
Hello all,

I have set up an dual wan connecvtion on ASUS RT-AC87U router, running Asuswrt-Merlin 384.7_2 and I’m dealing with next situation :

I have activated dual WAN (I have two connections: one of 1 Gbps and a second one of 500 Mbps) and I set it as Load Balance with a Load Balance config 2:2 (I think this means that the load will be splitted half – first two connections will be taken by the wan1, next two on wan2, and then repeating the procedure). Everything, I think, is working fine but I got an unexpected unpleasant surprise : all https are working incorrectly or not working at all because I think https will suspect that somethin’s wrong or fake and they are blocking me. As today almost all sites are moving on https I found myself in middle of a problem.

What I need to know, and here I need your kind help, is to find/learn how to tell my router to use just WAN1 or WAN2 (only one of them not both) for https, and for the rest of the protocols to respect the 2:2 rule.

  1. Where in the router’s menu I can find that place to write this? All I have found and seem to be connected on this topic is ‘Enable Routing rules’ but I don’t know what to write there.
  2. And how to write this command? What this syntax should look like? What I need to write and where in order to make this work?

I would reaaaaly appreciate your valuable help with the forum and with the answer.

Thank you in advance!


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