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Recently, I changed ISP providers (yes I'm lucky enough to have a choice) and I ended up with a few days of overlap, so I decided to try dual wan. I went with dual lan with load balance, and the experience was excellent with some minor annoyances. First I noticed the that some of my streaming services were convinced that there had been an isp change. Well there was, so I'll chalk that one one up to "what did you expect." The next was a bit more insidious in that IPV6 started leaking. I'm using merlin's DOT and while it appeared to catch both IPV4 streams by forcing them through the router filter, I don't believe it was doing the same with IPV6; at least that's what the leaktest apps appeared to show. I also got strange results (considerable leakage) when using a router VPN client, but of course, all was well if the vpn client was initiated from the computer itself. Anyway, I was amazed it worked as well as it did, but for those few that have the opportunity to use it, please be aware that it might be a bit leaky.

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