Dual WAN in repeater mode


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Is it possible? a)with any equipment?
b)with RT-AC66U

Just added Starlink to the 768k DSL but they are at opposite ends of the house.
Starlink is fast, but drops out about every minute due to obstructions. DSL is slow, but stable.
The RT-AC66U near the DSL modem can reach the Starlink WiFi Gateway in repeater mode, but that mode disables the WAN port preventing addition of DSL.

Complicating matters, since I was reconfiguring the network, I loaded the latest firmware from ASUS support page
Now it will not let me revert to john9527/asuswrt-merlin 52e3. Workarounds?

Yes, I know I can just connect to either ssid from each of my devices. However, many are old, slow, have no user interface, and drop important data when a connection is lost.


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That's the original Merlin readme from 2014.

See the Sticky post at the top of the forum:


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Thanks. John's firmware is working now.
I tried Firmware Rescue first, but it kept saying the router was not in rescue mode. It was in rescue mode, I set the static IP in my computer correctly, but initially failed to notice that virtualbox network driver was enabled. I disabled the virtualbox adapter and firmware rescue worked.

For dual WAN repeating from Starlink "You would need additional hardware acting as a wireless Ethernet bridge." Perfect use for my little travel router when not traveling. can even power it from the RT-ac66U usb port. Its currently set up as an AREDN node, but I think it should work that way. https://www.arednmesh.org/

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