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Dual WAN latency based Failover

Discussion in 'Asuswrt-Merlin' started by Colanta, May 29, 2020.

  1. Colanta

    Colanta Occasional Visitor

    Jul 2, 2018

    Currently i have a problem with my main isp (300/10), where its connection node on my town, while working (0.2/10), gives an insane high latency (300ms+) to Google DNS Server, pretty away from the normal (20ms).

    I'm looking to add a parameter to the falldown configuration, to be ping not responding or higher than XXX, but i really do not know if it is possible to do this in an User Script/WatchDog (haven't found it on source yet?) mod.

    Any Ideas? or something already posted and done elsewhere?

    Thank You

    PD. Sorry for my English
    Last edited by a moderator: May 30, 2020
  2. Colanta

    Colanta Occasional Visitor

    Jul 2, 2018
    I've found what i guess is the code responsible for checking the dual wan connectivity by ping, i've done a small (dirty) patch just to try on the next node failure:

    int do_ping_detect(int wan_unit, const char *target)
    	FILE *fp;
    	char cmd[512];
    	int count, ret = -1, validLatency;
    	float latency = -1;
    	int debug = nvram_get_int("ping_debug");
    	/* can be default target, if necesary *//*
    	if (!target)
    		target = nvram_safe_get("ping_target");
    	/* Check for valid domain to avoid shell escaping */
    	if (!is_valid_domainname(target))
    		return -1;
    	if (debug)
    		_dprintf("%s: %s %s\n", __FUNCTION__, "check", target);
    	snprintf(cmd, sizeof(cmd), "ping -c1 -w2 -s32 %s -Mdont '%s' 2>/dev/null",
    		 nvram_get_int("ttl_spoof_enable") ? "" : "-t128", target);
    	if ((fp = popen(cmd, "r")) != NULL) {
    		while (fgets(cmd, sizeof(cmd), fp) != NULL) {
    			if (sscanf(cmd, "%*s %*s transmitted, %d %*s received", &count) == 1) {
    				ret = (count > 0);
    				if (debug)
    					_dprintf("%s: %s %s\n", __FUNCTION__, target, ret ? "ret: ok" : "ret: fail");
    			} else if (sscanf(cmd, "rtt %*s = %f/%*s ms", &latency) == 1){
    			    //TODO: Get '100' from an NVRAM Value
    				validLatency = (latency < 100);
    				if (debug)
    				    _dprintf("%s: %s %s\n", __FUNCTION__, target, validLatency ? "latency: ok" : "latency: fail");
    	return ret && validPing;