Dual WAN Policy Routing and Monitoring

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I was wondering if anyone here could help me on the below:

I have the following setup:
  • RT-AC5300 main Router which is the first device on my network.This has the latest Merlin firmware.
    • I have dual WAN in load balance mode
    • This hosts various applications which require WAN access.
    • This is the main Aimesh router with wireless clients connecting.
  • Behind my router are a:
    • RP-AC68U which connects my TV, Gaming Console and other devices. Wireless disabled (Re-using this from an older setup I had).
    • GT-AC2900 which is configured as an Aimesh node to my main router above. Wireless clients also connect via this node.

I would like to do the following:
  • Applications hosted on my main router to go through the primary WAN
  • All other devices on wireless or ethernet to go through the secondary WAN
  • Monitor both of the above so I can confirm it's working and also monitor traffic long term.

Thanks. I did see this post below but don't know if this is still current or if there's an easier way of doing this. There's also no mention of monitoring this either.

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