Dual WAN setup for gaming

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New Around Here

I've recently started using a Dual WAN as my download speeds via FTTC are poor (20mb/s), so I've signed up for Starlink for bandwidth and changed my FTTC connection to a gaming-specific provider to optimise ping (which isn't particularly good on Starlink).

Using load balancing and routing tables is presenting issues, there are far too many server IP's to add even for a single game and they're not guaranteed to not change ping is doubled despite having everything set up as best as I can. Load balancing means web pages often need multiple refreshes before they load and the experience is generally a bit poor, which seems to be expected when connecting via more than 1 IP.

Eventually, I will have a setup that looks something like this:

Dual WAN:
Starlink Lan 1/WAN port, secondary.
FTTC connection low ping primary WAN
(these can of course be switched if it's easier but I don't think it makes a difference)

LAN connections:
Gaming PC 1
Gaming PC 2
Streaming PC
Work PC
+misc WiFi phones etc

What I would like to set up is a system where based on the ports used, as these are published for port forwarding anyway, gaming traffic uses the FTTC connection and everything else uses Starlink primarily, with failover onto FTTC. Port triggering covers the open NAT requirements for low ping.

I believe this is achievable with custom scripts in Asuswrt-Merlin, is this correct and as someone who has never played with network scripting but is comfortable tinkering and reading - how do I go about trying to achieve this? I've looked at a few examples mainly for VPN uses and the syntax is crazy confusing so I need some examples close to what I'm trying to achieve to copy and modify ideally!

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