Dummy 101 Home Networking Question

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New Around Here
Hi all,

Please bear with me, my question will be horribly cretinous :)

I moved into an apartment with 8 different ethernet ports around the house and a fancy fuse/network box by the entrance. (see picture)

If memory serves, before connecting the main RKT2/A24 cable to port 3 in the network box, all ethernet ports around the house were dead. I may be wrong about this, but I vaguely remember wrestling with the router and trying to get it to connect at port 3, nothing was happening. In a short-lived burst of brilliance, I ran to the box and connected the only cable available to Port 3 and lo and behold, the port came alive.

Now I want to use other ports around the house. And I suspect that I will need some piece of kit that allows the main RKT2 cable to activate the rest of those ports. Is that what a fabled 'switch box' is? Do I even need it?

Any and all replies will be greatly appreciated :D


Mr. Easy
Staff member
Assuming the "RKT2/A24" is your ISP modem.
You need to add a gigabit switch in the cabinet. Connect a cable between the "RKT2/A24" port and the switch. Then connect a cable between a switch port and the panel port for each jack that you want to make live.

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