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Duplicate IP addresses


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This is a new one for me and it just started happening (first time in almost 3 years).

Our alarm has always been assigned xxx.xxx.x.46. IP address and there’s been no issues. For the past week or so, my R7800 has also been assigning our Roku the identical IP address, which causes issues communicating with the alarm system.

The alarm is on the 2.4ghz and our Roku is wired.

I had disabled and enabled DHCP and it did reassign the Roku xxx.xxx.x.21 for awhile, but, as of yesterday it is back to xxx.xxx.x.46.

Any suggestions? This has never been an issue before? I’m on .78 of Voxel’s firmware (this started when I was on .77)


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Are you reserving the xxx.xxx.x.46 address in DHCP for the alarm, or are you just letting it get whatever address the DHCP server has free?


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I just did the address reservation and rebooted the Roku, I’ll see if that addresses it. Never thought to do that!

Edit: Seems to be OK after a reboot. That should be in the manual :)

Thanks for the advice!

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