Dynamic DNS, Hostnames and reverse proxy muddle


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Hi all,

Hoping you can help clarify a mental muddle. I want to use my free freenom domain to point to a number of servers behind my Asus router running Merlin.

Ive got a freenom domain name let's call it 'myfreenomdomain.tk' and I'd love to be able to create various subdomains like 'cloud.myfreenomdomain.tk' to point to server 1, 'blog.myfreenomdomain.tk' to point to server 2 etc.

freenom doesn't appear to have a dynamic dns service, so I've got a no-ip hostname too.

Current thinking:
Create various freenom subdomains
Point each subdomain to a different no-ip subdomain
Use no-ip's dynamic dns to 'resolve' (not sure of nomenclature) to my home IP
Use some sort of reverse proxy inside my home network to 'listen' for the connections and pass them to the relevant machines.

Is that broadly sound or is there a better way?

If this is a viable approach, I'll probably have some follow up questions for each part.


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Is that broadly sound or is there a better way?

For "pointing" your domain(s) to your home setup, the simplest solution is to get a static IP address. The alternative is use a DDNS service (free or paid) bit it also depends on what your ISP "allows" and how it is configured.

It gets tricky after that. Again, the simplest approach is if you run all web servers on a single box, as it is only a matter of port forwarding 1 or 2 ports (typically 80 & 443) to a single IP, then the web server can separate them by identifying virtual hosts.

I haven't had a need to go beyond this setup personally, but there could be a variety of options depending on how flexible you are and the hardware you have.

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