Dynamic dns service on R7800 - alternative to default No-ip (on Voxel firmware?)


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Hi, some while ago the Netgear's dynamic dns service (No-ip) started sending out confirmation emails every 30 days, which you have to click a link to confirm. To avoid the confirmation emails you have to pay extra.

I wonder if there are any better alternatives (which you don't have to confirm every 30 days)? for R7800 Netgear router? For example are there any options on the Voxel firmware?

Always grateful for the frequent updates to the fantastic Voxel firmware!




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It's a bummer that they started doing that for the Netgear dynamic dns service. I think it basically works the same as a free no-ip account now, so no real benefit to using the Netgear service.

If you want support for other dynamic dns services, you can install entware and use the indyn package. See this thread for some more info:

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