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ECB6200 not showing node info


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I recently added two ECB6200s to my home network. While troubleshooting a speed issue - I'm getting around 180Mbps Internet speeds off of devices connected through MoCA, even though I'm getting around 900Mbps from my Nighthawk X10 router - I noticed that I don't see any information displayed about this node, except for Node ID and MAC address, when I check the node info page on a ECB6200 device. I also don't see the other ECB6200, at all, which I would expect to show up as Node ID 1.

I've tried both Safari and Chrome (on MacOS) and they each show the same thing. I've also tried rebooting and resetting both ECB6200s.

Any ideas why I'm not getting full node info?

Actiontec ECB6200 UI.png


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I'm testing the same adapter, and I get the same behaviour. Turning off one of the ECB6200 allows the remaining one to correctly show the statistics. If you have any other MoCA device turned on in the network (such as an STB) this page remains blank as you show. I have the latest firmware.... still researching this issue as well. In my case I tested with Firefox and Windows 10.

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