Enable Guest WiFi once, 2-3 days no Internet every again


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For the last year, with a AC5300 and 3 different AX88Us, if I enable Guest Wifi once, just once:
  • After 2-3 days, WiFi devices can never connect to Internet again, even after a soft reset
  • Can connect to Internet from router
  • Ethernet internet sporadically works
The only way to get the router working again is a Nuclear Reset. Even without changing defaults, enable Guest Wifi: same thing always happens.

This is the case on firmwares for the last year.

I'm baffled. I'm not doing anything exotic.


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It sounds like one of your wifi clients is causing the problem. Proving which one might be difficult. You may have to isolate them (switch off) one by one from your network. Don't discount the possibility that more than one device could be causing the problem. Good luck.


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Avoid using Guest Network #1. Try #2 or #3 instead. There was a post a couple months ago showing how the unique AiMesh accommodations for Guest Network #1 were potentially allowing a Guest WiFi client to take the WAN IP from the router during a DHCP renewal from the ISP (or something like that).


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This issue also occur to me if using Guest Network 1.. It cant last more than 3 days..

WIfi will be messed up afterwards and after disable the Guest Network, wifi issue does not occur anymore even after 3 days..

Asus need to repair Guest Network or some of their customer will run away..


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GN 1 works very well, (from observation) when not mixing AC class and AX class routers with AiMesh v2.0.

Even if I have more than just a few networks running for my customers in mixed-class hardware environments. The most stable examples are AC class (only), or AX class (only) hardware.

A fix would be welcomed, of course. But support for old standards is a good way to stop moving forward too. (I can see both sides to that argument).

The best use of mixed-class hardware is having the lower-class router used in Media Bridge mode (for any remote/wired capable clients). Otherwise, it does seem hit or miss.

But again, I can't fault Asus (or anyone else) too much for this. You either want the capabilities the new router classes offer, or you don't. But realistically, I wouldn't expect this to work from the get-go. Regardless of 'backward' compatibility built into the Wi-Fi standards (those mostly apply to router-client setups, not router to router).

If mixed-class hardware works in your particular mix of router/client device and other infrastructure, great! But that may be the exception, not the rule.


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This is the post I was thinking of (#198):


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