Engenius ENH202 Bridging Help

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Hey guys, reaching out for help as a last resort. I though I had this Egenius ENH202 figured out but it keeps throwing me curve balls.

Here's my wireless problem which I though the ENH202 was the solution to:

I have a detached garage/shop in the backyard about 30 feet from my home. Obviously my goal here is to get internet in my shop without running any ethernet cable.

There is a Belkin router in the house which I can connect just fine to in the backyard, but as soon as I go in the shop I have nothing. It's a steel building which is killing the signal I assume. So after a bunch of research I purchased an Engenius ENH202 and a cheap ASUS 3 in 1 router from Amazon. I mounted the ENH22 to the side of my shop. I configured it in Client Bridge mode and it easily picks up the router in my home. I then drilled a hole and ran an ethernet cable to the cheap Asus router which I configured as an acess point and mounted in the shop on the wall.

I have a great wifi and decent speeds (about 10Mbps) in shop for about 10 minutes until the signal is dropped. The network is still up, I just lose all internet access. I have tried everything and can't figure it out! Is Client Bridge the right mode to run the ENH202 in? My budget doesn't allow for me to purchase an additional unit, so I'm hoping I can extendend internet to my shop with just the one unit. I did lots of research and from what I've read it should be possible.

I have the ENH202 IP address outside of the DHCP pool, as well as the ASUS AP. I believe all my settings are right. The weird thing is it works for a short time, then I lose internet connectiviy. I unplug the ASUS AP and plug it back in, and I'm up an running for another 10-20 min. I have tried multiple APs in the shop and each one does the same thing.... I'm thinking I don't have my ENH202 in the right mode.

To recap, I'm trying to connect my ENH202 to my belkin router inside the house. The ENH202 is mounted outside of my shop on a pole, and ethernet cable is ran inside to my ASUS router configured as an AP.

Any help or input is much appreciated! I will upload a map of my network soon so you guys can get a visual.



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Attached is a map of my network.

With the given modes on the device there must be a way to make this work with just the one unit...


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Try (greatly) increasing the DHCP lease time on the Asus router.

Thanks ktriebol, but the Belkin router inside the house is dishing out the IP addresses and the Asus router inside the shop is configured in AP mode, so there is no way to modify the DHCP lease time on it. I appreciate the input though.


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disable NAT on the Asus Router...
sfx2000, it was my understanding that NAT needed to be enabled in this type of situation. I must be confused on how exactly the address translation works. I will definitely give this a try! Thanks!


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So after doing a little further research, I read that in most cases client bridges can only support one wired client. Because the bridge device is merely a client itself and it's simply relaying the connection. Does this sound correct? I don't understand why I wouldn't be able to connect a wireless AP at the end of the client bridge and the wireless devices in the shop could go through this AP to obtain IP address from the Belkin Router in the house....


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sfx2000, it was my understanding that NAT needed to be enabled in this type of situation. I must be confused on how exactly the address translation works. I will definitely give this a try! Thanks!

Only need NAT on the primary link to the ISP (WAN side), internally, NAT isn't normally needed if dropping in another Router, and make sure there's only one DHCP server on any subnet...

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