Entware Entware not found after 384.18

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Helder Santos

Occasional Visitor
Entware not found after 384.18.
Tried to install around using amtm get : Entware (aarch64) install failed
Same for 32bit version: Entware (armv7) install failed

Reboot or even after power on same issue.

How can I fix this?

Asus ax88u on 384.18

Helder Santos

Occasional Visitor
Thanks for the quick answer!

So when it will be back... Should I reinstall? Or it will fix by itself?


Senior Member
Many thanks for your efforts.:)
Yes, ryzolv_al, thanks for keeping Entware alive and running!

PS: how do I request an application package? I compiled chrony on my AX88U - runs great. But same binary won't run on AX56U...


Regular Contributor
I am trying to build my personal Entware packages but I've got an issue with a megacmd package. Could somebody provide me a hint? The compilation log is in the attachment. Thanks.


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