Entware Tinyproxy not working with firewall enabled


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My router is a AC-68U running the latest Merlin 386.3_2. I set up a tinyproxy server using entware, and it works perfectly if I disable the Merlin firewall. However, if I enable the firewall, tinyproxy stopped working, and the log indicated that tinyproxy didn't receive any incoming packets.

In the config file, tinyproxy is bound to all the IPs, i.e., both the router public IP and

I have tried Port Trigger (in the WAN tab), Port Forwarding (in the WAN tab), and Network Service Filter (in the Firewall tab) without any luck. Any help is appreciated!


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The router's firewall will drop all unsolicited traffic by default. So you need to create an exception for whatever port tinyproxy is listening on using a firewall-start script, and optionally by port forwarding (if using the LAN interface).

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