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Not sure whats going on here. Began happening today. Happens on many websites. Checked for suspicious certs. Removed pixelsrv.ca and added it again, still occurring. Recently did an entware update which included pixelserv tls 2.1.2.

Setting TLS min to 1.2 in both chrome and firefox results in ssllabs showing ssl3+ enabled:

I figured out what was depreciating the ciphers, it is umatrix blocking js.
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Resorting to name calling and starting with the provocative/misleading title only proves to show this issue doesn't deserve to be entertained any further. If you cannot act civil, don't bother posting up.
As gwarser suggested, blocking CF scripts leads to SSLLabs displaying a false positive result where they show TLS 1.1/1.0 and SSL2/3 being enabled. Whitelist CF's script and it doesn't happen.
ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE is due to pixelserv i believe.

Sep 14 05:08:57 pixelserv-tls[32340]: pixelserv-tls 2.1.2 (compiled: Sep 8 2018 20:33:38) options: <none>
Sep 14 05:08:57 pixelserv-tls[32340]: Listening on :*:443
Sep 14 05:08:57 pixelserv-tls[32340]: Abort: Address already in use - :*:80
Entware package updates overwrite some important files. Reinstalling diversion fixes this issue!

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